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Perpetual Doom Presents:

Space Happy: Phil Thomas Katt and The Uncharted Zone

Space Happy: Phil Thomas Katt and The Uncharted Zone is a feature-length

documentary about a group of ragtag artists making “so bad it’s good” music and videos in Pensacola, Florida under the direction of the eccentric Phil Thomas Katt. Spanning over five decades of footage, Space Happy is a portrayal of creative minds pursuing art against all odds — and talent.


SPACEHAPPY - (Updated 2022).jpg

We are thrilled to announce that Space Happy: Phil Thomas Katt and The Uncharted Zone will be making its world premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in early 2023.


The goal of this documentary is to bring viewers into an extraterrestrial world of outsider artists striving to find a balance between success and happiness, while also showing that ambition does not guarantee either result. The audience will leave not only feeling entertained, but also inspired and hopeful.

Space Happy: Phil Thomas Katt and The Uncharted Zone is the first feature film from Perpetual Doom Productions. Perpetual Doom is an indie label and production company created by Louis Crisitello that has become a home for fringe artists to release their music, publications, art, and other works. 

The film is anticipated to play the festival circuit in 2023. More details to come.

Sat, Jan. 21st @ 7:45pm, Crescent Room  TICKETS

Tues, Jan. 24th @ 5:30pm in the Ballroom  TICKETS

Slamdance screening times and locations:



If you are interested in screening the film or booking the Filmmaker, Producers and/or Talent from the film, please email the following information to

  • Name of Organization

  • Preferred Date(s)

  • Screening and/or Speaking

  • Budget


Please be sure to put SPACE HAPPY FILM in the Subject.

Phil Thomas Katt - Enterprise Room 

Ken Manning - Gulf Breeze UFO

Phil Thomas Katt Live Performance

Michael J. McCartan Live Performance

"The Enterprise Room" Covers

An acoustic cover of Phil Thomas Katt's “The Enterprise Room" as performed by A Crystal O.

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