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New Lee Baggett Album 'Anyway' Out Sept. 30, 2022

Lee Baggett - Anyway
Lee Baggett - Anyway

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Lee Baggett - Anyway
Lee Baggett - Anyway

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Lee Baggett 


Out Sept 30th on Cassette, Vinyl, and Streaming

Perpetual Doom is proud to present the latest full length from Lee Baggett: Anyway

"Baggett hits back hard with a follow-up to last year's   Just A Minute, letting the mixture curdle in the sun, baking it into a Cosmic American crust that’s just what these damnable temps called for. Lee swings out nicely with a double dose of first singles, the country ramble of “Highway Roll,” and the more gnarled “Fruit Dog.” The latter is dirt-slung saunter through queasy country, coughing up glam bile in a fever dream dirge that’s losing its grip on reality but holding its grip on the throttle." - Raven Sings The Blues


Danse Macabre ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ ⫸ 

Perpetual Doom Presents:

Danse Macabre an ongoing series of themed playlists that covers all genres. Join us in the revelry of doom tunes and beyond. We're not afraid to get weird, so expect the unexpected. Run away if you want to survive.

Listen here: Perpetual Doom Presents: Danse Macabre


Danse Macabre Art by Kate Csillagi

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Doom Club is a cassette subscription series lovingly curated by the good folk at Perpetual Doom. It's a way for us to deliver fresh doom to you on a regular basis.

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