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Have you ever dreamed of stepping away from the corporate world and embarking on an artistic journey? Well, that's precisely what Louis Crisitello, founder of the mesmerizing independent label, Perpetual Doom, has accomplished. Join us as Crisitello delves into his story with host Matt Dwyer on the latest episode of "Conversations With Dwyer."

In this playful discussion, Crisitello opens up about the challenges and triumphs of leaving a corporate career behind to create Perpetual Doom, a label and production company that has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts. With the guidance of the talented Kyle Field of Little Wings, Crisitello embarked on a path that ultimately led to the creation of an inspiring creative community.

But this podcast is not just about the birth of Perpetual Doom. Dwyer and Crisitello also venture into the realm of music fandom, sharing their thoughts on Elvis, the Beach Boys, and much more. Their conversation is a delightful blend of passion, insight, and camaraderie that will leave you eager to dive into the Perpetual Doom catalog.

Listen now and let the Perpetual Doom experience unfold. Listen on Apple Podcast

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