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"Cavin' In" the second single off of Graves' upcming new album Gary Owens: I Have Some Thoughts is out now. Watch a very inspired vid below.

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Dive into "Timeless Decay," a poignant playlist of '90s indie rock songs that capture the essence of growing older. Featuring iconic tracks from Codeine, American Football, Built To Spill, and more, this collection explores themes of nostalgia, change, and self-reflection. Let the melancholic melodies and introspective lyricism transport you back in time, while experiencing the raw emotions that come with age.

  1. Codeine - D

  2. American Football - Never Meant

  3. Built to Spill - Stop the Show

  4. Polvo - Lazy Comet

  5. Sebadoh - Skull

  6. Bedhead - The Rest of the Day

  7. Archers of Loaf - Might

  8. Idaho - God’s Green Earth

  9. Silkworm - Don’t Look Back

  10. Versus - Crazy

  11. The Halo Benders - Virginia Reel Around the Fountain

  12. Chavez - Unreal Is Here

  13. Yo La Tengo - Blue Line Swinger

  14. Duster - Stars Will Fall

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amplifying the aura of damp, cryptic vibes

"that place was haunted and the moon was out of sight"

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