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Yohei is a composer and producer from Tokyo, Japan, based in Los Angeles. He makes his music outside in the garden with friends. In addition to his solo effort, Yohei created My Hawaii and is a part of Moonie Moonie.

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Photo Credit: Mackenzie Morrison

Yohei - Echo You Know
Echo You Know

Described by legendary musician Makoto Kubota as a "sound postcard from LA", Echo You Know is the most realized effort yet from Los Angeles-via-Tokyo artist Yohei. From his many prolific roles in the music industry, from the recording studios (recently working with Blake Mills), to instrument tech work on major tours, all roads lead here: a glistening solo effort with touchstones of psychedelia, exotica (like his previous project My Hawaii), and an overriding sense of classic Americana songwriting. Recorded in "The Hut", Yohei's outdoor home garden studio space in the dusty hills of Mount Washington, one feels a connection to the natural rays of sunlight above, as well as the hazy sunsets and palm trees overhead. Affectionately dubbed "yard pop" by Japanese label Think! Records, it's accurate. This album comes from multiple years of sessions, with a talented supporting cast, including Brazilian musician Leonardo Marques, Wilco's Nels Cline providing steel guitar, and Jay Bellerose on drums to name a few. 


Release Date: May 10, 2024

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