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The Uncharted Zone: A Perpetual Doom Tribute to UZ​-​TV ⫸ ⫸ ⫸

The Uncharted Zone (UZ-TV) is a weekly public-access television music show hosted by the eccentric Phil Thomas Katt (PTK). The channel plays original and cover videos by local artists in the Pensacola, Florida area and beyond. Phil Thomas Katt and his crew of quirky collaborators have been making lo-fi music for decades. 

UZ-TV rose to prominence in 2009 after several Mark Gormley and Phil Thomas Katt music videos were uploaded to YouTube and went viral. The phenomenon still lives on today.


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Release Date: February 4, 2022

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The Uncharted Zone_ A Perpetual Doom Tribute to UZ​-​TV
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1. Alex Bleeker - Boy and Man (Phil Thomas Katt Cover)
2. Palm Salon - Tina (Phil Thomas Katt Cover)
3. The Memories - What Went Wrong (Phil Thomas Katt Cover)
4. Ryan Pollie - Soul (Phil Thomas Katt Cover)
5. Manhattan Murder Mystery - Love Kills (Phil Thomas Katt Cover)
6. Lonna Kelley - Gulf Breeze UFO (Ken Manning Cover)
7. Little Wings - Little Wings (Mark Gormley Cover)
8. Virgin of the Birds - Pack My Bags (Michael McCartan Cover)
9. Austin Leonard Jones - Wanna Be Country Star (Ronny Miller Cover)
10. Karl Blau - Blackjack Trees (Walter Weyburn Cover) 
11. Lee Baggett - What Went Wrong (Phil Thomas Katt Cover)
12. Tiny Deserts - Never Been Alive (Phil Thomas Katt Cover)
13. R.E. Seraphin - Lost (Phil Thomas Katt Cover)
14. Joe Baggs - Enterprise Room (Phil Thomas Katt Cover)
15. Karl Blau - Blackjack Trees [Sick Beat Version] (Walter Weyburn Cover)

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