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Shelterheart is Luke and Wren, friends who have been playing music together since 2005 when they met in the Bay Area, California. Toured together in long forgotten rock bands and various other musical projects up and down the west coast and the southwest for years. Though they live on different sides of the country nowadays (west coast/gulf coast), their musical collaboration has become so constant that they formed the band Shelterheart in 2018. Wren writes the songs - records them with acoustic guitar and singing and Luke orchestrated and produces all of the backing tracks. Wren's drawings and paintings serve as an important visual component for Shelterheart and you will see them sprinkled throughout the band's physical and virtual presence. Shelterheart's first two EPs were released independently online. In 2022, Perpetual Doom and Along The Way Records will release Shelterheart's debut full length album.

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Shelterheart - Shelterheart

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Shelterheart’s self-titled release Shelterheart is a labor of love from two longtime friends, Wren and Luke, who have been collaborating for over a decade. Shelterheart is their first long player release which will see the light of day this year via Perpetual Doom.

Though Luke and Wren live on opposite sides of the country, their musical collaboration has become so constant, that Shelterheart has been creating increasingly impressive music for the last several years. 


Shelterheart is a combination of musical forces. Wren writes the songs for the group, as he records the acoustic guitars and vocals, while Luke orchestrates and produces all of the backing tracks, transforming them from their acoustic beginnings. This brings the Shelterheart sound to life.  Shelterheart’s live shows are similar, with Wren on guitar and vocal duties, and Luke taking on the role of the multi instrumentalist, bringing the sound from the record to the stage.


The first single release from the album is the dreamy track “In Photographs,” which immediately portrays how the group has evolved in the past few years. Wren’s vocals are hypnotic and smooth, which fits perfectly with Luke’s intricate production. 


Further showcasing their work and diversity is the vibrant sound of “Empty Pockets,” which brings echoing harmonies, thoughtful lyricism, and a melody that carries it all home. “Lost and Broke,” delivers a little darker side from the band, which is layered with bright strings, and bold instrumentation that is surrounded by Wren’s outstanding vocals. The track offers up a bit of nostalgia, adding another dimension to the group.


Digital and Cassette Release Date: April 8, 2022

Purchase from Official Store or Bandcamp

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