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Saguaro    ⫸  ⫸  

Saguaro, a brainchild of Jeff Phunmongkol and John Cunningham, thrives as a DIY recording project that found its home in Jeff's parent's garage. Their sound defies simple categorization, but if pressed, they'd fall under the loosely coined genre of "coco country." Nestled in Contra Costa County, Bay Area, Saguaro's music exudes a blend of cosmic and psychedelic country influences, with a cheeky nod to the local vibe. It's a soundscape where hazy guitar twangs dance alongside mellowly anthemic choruses.

Their journey has been an ode to the hippie country ethos, breathing new life into the beloved musical traditions of yesteryears. Saguaro's sonic palette, painted with elements of nostalgia and the avant-garde, is a testament to their creative spirit. In the heart of their musical craft, they've managed to encapsulate the essence of a genre-blurring, cosmic country experience.

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Uncover an aural triumph within Saguaro's self-titled album, where cosmic and country elements converge in spiraling patterns, offering a touch of sweet disorientation. The interplay of drums, guitar, and vocals gleams like gold, crafting a musical tapestry that's both luminous and slightly askew, beckoning you to delve into its diverse dimensions.



Bandcamp Release Date: September 8, 2023

All Streaming Platforms & Cassette: October 6, 2023

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