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Ryan Pollie       

Ryan Pollie is an American musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that now lives in Los Angeles, California. Pollie is primarily known for music under his own name and as Los Angeles Police Department. He is also a music producer that mostly self produces his own albums. Perpetual Doom is ecstatic to be releasing "Museum at the End of Time", the artist's first foray into ambient music. 

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Museum at the End of Time

“Museum at the End of Time” was developed by Ryan Pollie in conjunction with video synthesis artists Nicole & Paul Pichon with the intention of alleviating anxiety through an audio visual trance state. The idea was conceived by Pollie while toying with concepts of unguided, self-induced audial and visual hypnosis. Similar to “mantra”, the repeated melodic patterns within the music are intended to create a strong sense of calm and focus. The visuals, powered by both analog and digital video synthesizers, were built and rebuilt to become one intuitive interface that assists further in what is promised to be an important if not transcendent moment for the listener/viewer. 


This new way of intaking sound has now been patented and will be further developed with the goal of helping others in the field of psychospiritual practice. The hope is to assist with meditation and mindfulness exercises, making a spiritual or meaningful experience easier to attain. 



Release Date: December 18, 2020

Purchase from Official Store or Bandcamp

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