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Richard Tripps     ⫸ ⫸ 
Richard Tripps

Born and raised on the central coast of California, Richard Tripps is a songwriter and multi instrumentalist currently residing and recording music in Big Sur. His debut full-length album showcases his unique brand of breezily melancholic indie rock, reflecting the laid-back yet enigmatic vibe of his coastal origins. Combining elements of mystical folk, indie rock, and introspective songwriting, Tripps’ music transports listeners to a dreamy, nostalgic world.

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Richard Tripps - Richard Tripps

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Richard Tripps

Perpetual Doom and Plume Records is proud to present the debut full-length album from Richard Tripps. Following 2022’s Right Back EP, Tripps’ full-length expands his brand of breezily melancholic indie rock into a stirring record full of mystical folk textures and thrilling songwriting—the musical equivalent of a late-night drive up the coast. For fans of Cate Le Bon, White Fence, and Cut Worms. 


These ten tracks evince an easygoing mystery that is distinctly reminiscent of their origins at The Unknown, the studio and former Catholic church in Anacortes, WA where Tripps recorded with engineer Nich Wilbur (and his dog Cathy). The studio’s spectral presence is detectable on tracks like “Distant Memory,” with its organ, layers of ethereal vocals, and lyrics of long-forgotten days, and “Bless the Dead.” Speaking of the latter track, Tripps recalls hearing its chorus—“Bless the dead by walking in their stead”—burst out unprompted one morning from the studio’s speakers. “It was kind of spooky,” he remembers. “But the studio never felt haunted in a bad way.” For an album channeling the musical spirits of The Velvet Underground, The Beach Boys, and Leonard Cohen, it was nothing like an evil omen. Other tracks line Tripps’ strumming with a refreshing rock momentum. “Above the Surface” moves with propulsive energy, partly due to a late-night practice session with drummer Brian Noyes (Tomten), as Tripps takes on that universal feeling that “these days are never gonna feel right.” Jangle pop guitar and grieving for a canine friend drive the swirling “VCR.”


Richard Tripps brings it all together on the psychedelic closer “Saturday Flowers,” where swooning organ and Tripps’ rich vocals create an enigmatic texture. The song is an invitation to get lost all over again in the warmth and charm of this singular and delightful collection.



Release Date: June 23, 2023

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Richard Tripps - Kiss The Ring
Kiss The Ring (Single)




Release Date: November 23, 2023

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Richard Tripps - Between The Morning
Between The Morning

Perpetual Doom and Plume Records is proud to present 'Between The Morning' the sophomore full-length album from Richard Tripps. 


"I recorded this album on my 4-track tape recorder in my tent cabin down by the river in Big Sur, CA. Before this record I've only used the 4-track for demos, but I was listening to a lot of The Range of Light Wilderness(who recorded their first record in their cabin in Big Sur), early Oh Sees, and White Fence records, early reggae, and The Velvet Underground, so I was really inspired by the lo-fi tape sound. I recorded the first song on the album 'Blue Eyed Open Sky' which was intended to be just a demo, but I liked the sound of it so much that I decided to do the rest of the record that way. I wanted this record to capture the feeling of the place I was at, and I feel like it does. A lot of the lyrical content comes from living, working, meeting new people, and adjusting to a new place and way of life. 


I played all of the parts on the album except for the songs 'Open Window' which had members of my band Matt Nice and Blake Kennedy playing bass, drums, casiotone, and bellzouki guitar, and the title track ‘Between the Morning’ which had Matt Nice on flute. Nich Wilbur (who engineered my last album) mastered this one." - Richard Tripps



Release Date: July 5, 2024

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