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Stay Tuned: Ryan Wong - The Adventures of Pete & Pete (TV Theme)

Ryan Wong covers the theme to the quirky, offbeat coming-of-age cult classic series that follows the surreal escapades of two brothers named Pete: 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete'. Theme song also known as "Hey Sandy" by Polaris. 📺🎶⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

"The Adventures of Pete & Pete is kinda like VU's White Light White Heat where whoever watched it probably turned out to be a weirdo. I think this is probably the tip top as far as kid shows go, plus they had Iggy Pop as a suburban dad!.” - Ryan Wong ⁣⁣

Ryan Wong is a Denver musician by way of San Francisco, playing in bands such as Cool Ghouls, The Gonks, & Supreme Joy before releasing his weirdo country record New Country Sounds produced by Sonny Smith.

Ryan Wong on IG: / _ryanocerous

Ryan Wong on Bandcamp:

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