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Stay Tuned: H. Kink - Mr. Belvedere (TV Theme)

Updated: Nov 5

H. Kink covers the theme to the 80s sitcom about a quick-witted, refined, portly English housekeeper 'Mr. Belvedere'. 📺🎶⁣⁣ ⁣

"When I was a little girl, I used to have a huge crush on Wesley. Really hope he hears this shit.” - H. Kink ⁣⁣

Indie duo H. Kink (the alter-superegos of Lisa Rieffel & Timm Sharp) is a Los Angelean project renouncing 20th century linear songwriting in favor of something a little less definable, a bit sassier and harder to pin down. While sticking mainly to the assortments of dirty bar-bathroom femmepop, H. Kink occasionally swim into more languid waters, such as love balladry or pseudo-country ... before departing instantly back into its comfort zone which is postpost post-adolescent pop-heat loops, tunnel-visioned ass shakers propelled by psychedelic shrapnel, harmonizing and tripping along until the pills wear off, the sun comes up, or probably both. ⁣

H. Kink on IG: / h.kinkband

Stay Tuned Season 3:

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