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A Sunlit Escape: Delving into Lee Baggett's "Run To The Sun"

Lee Baggett's "Run To The Sun" is an auditory gem, an invitation to detach from the cacophony of the everyday and embark on a journey towards a sun-drenched sanctuary. The song is an introspective sojourn wrapped in Baggett's tender and evocative lyrics, painting a landscape of quiet streets, dreams of lunar exploration, and the relentless pursuit of an elusive sun. The guitar strums serve as the heartbeat of this ethereal adventure, while Baggett's voice weaves a story of resilience and hope.

As the song unfolds, Baggett's words defy the mundane, blending surreal imagery with raw emotion. The verses whisper of shedding one's skin and resisting the darkness that threatens to consume the spirit. The chorus, a simple yet potent refrain, urges the listener to embrace the journey – to run towards the sun, in search of solace and salvation.

"Run To The Sun" is from Lee Baggett's full-length album Anyway.

Purchase Anyway on Bandcamp or from our Official Store.

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