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Mila Webb       
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Webb comes to music as a self-described late bloomer. Her first songs began as an outlet, a way of differentiating in the woodsy co-op community where she lived. Upon returning to her native Los Angeles, she found a place among fellow artists from her San Fernando Valley adolescence like Christian Lee Hutson, Chris Cohen, and Greg Hartunian. 

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Photo Credit: Mackenzie Morrison

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Mila Webb - Lucky nights

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Lucky Nights

The unearthly folk of singer songwriter Mila Webb blends empyrean lap steel and gossamer melodies to draw the out of body experience of a deeply inner life. Her debut EP, Lucky Nights, arrives in 2022 via Perpetual Doom.


Webb describes herself as “a bit of a late bloomer,” with a wink. The sixth child of singer-songwriter Jimmy Webb (“Wichita Lineman”, “MacArthur Park”), and the younger of five older siblings collaborating under the moniker The Webb Brothers, Webb bristled at the notion of leaving her own permanent record. In an embrace of anonymous fulfillment, she landed residence in a 70-person co-op in Berkeley, CA - a backdrop of fleeting privacy that led her to seek singularity in song. This is the kind of cosmic joke that informs her music’s psychedelic idealism. A move back home to Los Angeles, and tentative steps out of hermeticism, produced the demos that became Lucky Nights. Best detailed by her aptly named “Masterpiece,” Webb teases her interchangeable preference to “Waste my time / Take my time,” marveling at the indiscriminate difference between living in a moment and letting it pass you by.


The titular song is a love letter to darkness- “like the midnight sky would be, a long long time ago” Webb sings, an ethereal ode to the accident of happiness, inking vividly the memory of a dream in the stark brushstrokes of the woefully awake. 


Recorded and co-produced by Chris Cohen (of Chris Cohen, The Curtains, Deerhoof) at Tropico Beauty (Glendale, CA) and various home studios, Lucky Nights also features contributions from Greg Hartunian, Harrison Whitford (Phoebe Bridgers), Max Whipple (Tobias Jesso Jr., Midnight Sister), Jay Rudolph (Midnight Sister, Weyes Blood), and Will Canzoneri (Jessica Pratt, Vampire Weekend).



Release Date: April 15, 2022

Purchase from Official Store or Bandcamp

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