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Hannah Yeun    
Hannah Yeun

Hannah Yeun plays witchy, somber tunes with a 60's vibe. As a child, Hannah lived on a commune in California’s wine country with The Moonies, a cult her parents were actively involved with for many years. She started writing songs at a very young age as a coping mechanism to deal with the difficulties of childhood. Her unique background and upbringing inspired much of the songwriting on her debut album, 'Heavenly Sister'. She currently resides in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona, where she has since focused on recording and writing music. 

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"Love Bomb" Single

Perpetual Doom is proud to present "Love Bomb", the latest single from Hannah Yeun. "Love Bomb" is ripe with raging powerhouse vocals; the anthem weaves majestic, otherworldly indie pop with traces of brooding no wave. The single explodes with unadulterated candor.



Release Date: November 6, 2020

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Hannah Yeun - Heavenly Sister
Heavenly Sister

Like a divine presence, Heavenly Sister reaches across time and space with urgency for the present. Recorded in the summer of 2016, the album draws on five decades of pop history—the ghostly strum of a telecaster, the unexpected visitation of a theremin—to present carefully crafted songs of longing and betrayal. Yeun’s powerful voice gives opener “Honey” the makings of a grand California tragedy, with moody organs and guitar chords that have a sinister coastal chime. She confronts her faithless lover in despair: “Why do you lie to me? Am I so hard to love?” But it is heartbreak that pulses with melancholy beauty. “Holy Ghost” begins softly, with a guitar that rises up from a well, before breaking into a chorus built around a tambourine-and-cymbal stomp and the dissonant squeal of strings. “Don’t mourn the future, cuz it hasn’t happened yet,” Yeun sings. The line calls back to her upbringing with the Moonies, to the childhood expectation of an arranged marriage, and to the anxiety she found in freedom after leaving the cult behind. 


That same attraction to the worst saturates the penultimate track “Do It Now.” The song acts as a photo negative to The Crystals’ “Please Hurt Me,” willing the necessary pain of a break-up instead of the start of a doomed love affair: “Baby, if you’re gonna hurt me—do it now.” There is hurt on Heavenly Sister, but also a whole lot more.

Reissue Date: Jan. 28, 2022

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