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Grady Strange       

Grady Strange is the musical avatar of Grady Wenrich. Originally from New Jersey, Grady began writing and recording his own music after discovering a 4-track recorder that once belonged to CBGB’s Hilly Kristal at a garage sale in Asbury Park. He now broadcasts from Echo Park, Los Angeles, where he lives with his partner and frequent collaborator, Mackenzie Howe (aka Pet Dress), and their dog, Dolly Parton. 

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Getting Stranger

Perpetual Doom is proud to present the new record from Grady Strange: Getting Stranger. Beamed in from Echo Park, Los Angeles, Grady’s supercharged full-length is the perfect soundtrack for our weird times. Here are nine tracks of high-intensity strangeness—what you might call “saltwater cowgirl rock and roll,” filled with big hooks, whirling guitars, and keen insights into life, death, love, and hate. 


Recorded on a legendary 4-track once belonging to CBGB’s Hilly Kristal, Getting Stranger channels the spirits of its ecstatic forebearers into explosive homemade rock. Alongside his partner Mackenzie Howe, aka Pet Dress, Grady crafts deceptively simple tunes that roll out before twisting away like a coastal highway. Take the second track, “She Found the Way,” inspired by a loved one’s close brush with death. In only four minutes, we drift through a remarkable series of movements—as soft acoustic strums give way to a guitar-driven groove before brightening into a signature hook: “I’m a part of everything and I am nothing. Everything means nothing when you are everything.” That mantra sets the stage for a trip through dylanesque pop love odes (“Light Up Luvr”), rollicking riffs on the big questions (“No 1 Knows”), sincere calls for change (“Start New”), and expressions of dedication that make you want to dance (“I’m Not Your Man”). Grady and Mackenzie blend their vocals in a DIY take on a classic pop formula, adding layers of ooh’s and aah’s to songs that take on the utter absurdity of the present. Strange never felt so good. 


Getting Stranger was recorded by Grady Strange and mixed by Sam Gidley in Nashville. The tracks were mastered by Dan McNiell. Mackenzie Howe provided sax and backup vocals. The record is an invitation to be free in the moment. To grow and keep growing. “The world is dying and giving you all that it can so you can have a good time while you’re here,” Grady writes. “Try your best! XOXO”    


Release Date: July 21, 2021

Purchase from Official Store or Bandcamp

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