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Fronjentress is the project of a rotating group of Portland-based musicians who share an affinity for the sounds and themes of country music. Self-described as “classic country for contemporary times,” their songs take the tried and true musical elements of golden era Americana, such as wailing pedal steels, shuffling beats, and a distinctive vocal twang, and introduce some modern lyrical sensibilities into the fold. In doing so, they capture the highly emotive and evocative nature of the genre’s staples, but in a manner that reflects their own contemporary experiences. After all, heartache and strife are truly timeless, no matter when you were born.

Fronjentress - Baby's Got Problems
Baby's Got Problems

Perpetual Doom is proud to present Baby Got Problems, the third album from Fronjentress. Serving as the follow-up to 2019’s  Your Mothers Portrait of You, the collective further sharpens their lyrical wit and deepens their reverence for the country music canon on their latest effort. The record’s title isn’t at all deceiving, as across its ten songs, the group cleverly expounds on troubles, worries, and complicated social situations. Fronjentress doesn’t shy away from personal subject matters, and in the process, they expertly mix a little bit of humor into their feelings of heartache, whether it's through confronting the perils of a 21st-century romance on “Scrubs,” feelings of disillusionment with terrestrial life on “Moon,” conversing with inanimate objects on “Wind,” or avoiding the drunken advances of a former flame on “Here She Comes.”  Their storytelling abilities are sharp and vivid, as the characters in their songs follow clear narratives and grapple with very real and relatable feelings of alienation, profound loss, unrequited love, and more. All the while, the songs on Baby Got Problems embody the kind of camp and archetypal country stylings heard on many George Jones, Tammy Wynette, or Hank Williams classics. Their plucked guitar lines are executed with dynamite precision on songs like “Nonsense” and “She’s Got The Money,” they mix in beautifully placed pedal steels on “Sad,” and “Snow Kisses,” and the gorgeously longing vocal interplay of Elizabeth Venable, Katie Greenhoot and Greg Olin plays an anchoring role throughout. They provide fitting, affecting soundtracks for their stories, which when listening, reflect a little bit of all of us. 



Release Date: May 14, 2022

Purchase from Official Store or Bandcamp

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