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Dominique       ⫸ ⫸

Dominique is a vocalist and visual artist from the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. Born fifth in a family of six children, her life has been filled with a variety of personalities, all contributing to her eclectic and unique style of art-making and view of the world. Driven by stream-of-consciousness, Dominique’s songs create a world of their own. They are playful in spirit, but become deeply sensual and heartbreaking within her performance. Her genre is fluid, and not limited to one single category. Her vocal styling encompasses the best qualities of Roy Orbison, Laurie Anderson and Mary Margaret O’Hara. Dominique’s work, which began as a pillow of soft, haunting folk songs, has evolved into a living sonic sculpture built from the heterogenous blocks of sensory perception, loss, memory and the here-and-now of consciousness itself. 

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Dominique - The Instruction Manual

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Cassette Subscription Series

The Instruction Manual

Perpetual Doom proudly presents the latest album from Dominique: The Instruction Manual. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dominique builds transfixing songs around her powerful vocals, drawing equally from the avant-garde and classic pop songwriting. Her latest, The Instruction Manual, illuminates the obscure territory between daily life and fantasy. With careful compositions that strike at heart, these nine tracks plunge the listener into a world at once strange and enchantingly familiar. 


The Instructional Manual gleams with stray moments, odd passages of resonance. The album’s absorbing songs—nine worlds unto themselves—emerge from Dominique’s unique environment: the home she shares with her parents and six siblings in Los Angeles, where she moved from Philly in early 2020. While living there, she took to writing copious lists of tasks, chores, and to-dos to get through the grinding days of quarantine. Appropriately, the record fixates on themes of change and transition: “Oh, tell me where that I should look,” she sings on lead single “Help Me Decide. “I’ve been chasing every day.” Like every track on the record, the song is a showcase for Dominique’s acrobatic vocals as they twist from bellowing longing to matter-of-fact spoken voice. 


Dominique’s style moves from oddball experiments that push beyond the edge of sense to diaristic stories that burst with the widescreen emotion of classic 50s love songs. The Instruction Manual is a fascinating and singular statement from a must-hear emerging artist.




Release Date: May 27, 2022

Purchase from Official Store or Bandcamp

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