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Meet BenBen, the enigmatic artist reshaping the contours of indie art rock. Based in New York City, BenBen, a.k.a. Ben Wigler, is a polymath — a filmmaker, frame-by-frame animator, and singer with an unconventional voice. Formerly the lead singer of acclaimed bands Arizona and New Beard, BenBen has reemerged from a hiatus, ready to chart a solo path.

BenBen's voice defies easy description — a unique counter-tenor that shifts from ethereal studio harmonies to a powerful live presence. His songs blend infectious melodies with rock's angular edge and a touch of folk mystique. In the studio, he meticulously crafts intricate sonic tapestries, a testament to his devotion to musical detail.

Inspired by Studio Ghibli and classic JRPGs, BenBen's music stands as a testament to outsider art, untouched by music scene trends. Collaborations with diverse artists, from Samantha Crain to Gustav Ejstes, showcase his versatility.

Beyond the stage, BenBen pursued an MFA and delved into museum administration, adding depth to his artistic journey. With an extensive back catalog, BenBen invites you to explore his unique soundscapes — a journey into the extraordinary.

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BenBen - Be A Mermaid
Be A Mermaid

Be A Mermaid's gossamer production style is laden with tiny sonic and melodic details that transmit to the listener a deep feeling of musical animism. The EP's songs are anchored by infectious, deeply striking melodic hooks - befitting of an EP with a bioluminescent aquatic theme. At the core of the EP is BenBen's unforgettably sweet, androgynous and hyper-expressive counter tenor voice - which literally Ariel the Little Mermaid's longing to be part of another world, but in reverse. 


The first single, "Ghost Drops," will release March 8th along with a video with key animation and design by BenBen, followed by an epic animation for "Be a Mermaid" created alongside longtime creative collaborator Nate Dorr. BenBen and Nate's last video project, 2022's "Algorithmia," landed in 14 prominent film and animation festivals around the world. 



Release Date: March 29, 2023

Purchase from Bandcamp

BenBen - Sincere Gifts
Sincere Gifts

"Sincere Gifts" is the upcoming debut solo album from the enigmatic artist BenBen, the solo moniker of the multi-talented Ben Wigler. Known for his work as the lead singer of critically acclaimed bands Arizona and New Beard, BenBen's return from a long hiatus promises to be a sonic journey like no other. His new album, set to be released on December 8th, 2023, via Perpetual Doom Records, is a testament to his unbridled creativity, free from any constraints or inhibitions.

In this album, BenBen invites listeners into a mesmerizing indie art rock wonderland. Psychedelic Baby Magazine describes it as an open invitation for "sensitive souls who seek beauty in the small, overlooked places," creating a refuge of unparalleled musical brilliance.

The album's first single, "Color Clouds," showcases BenBen's ethereal voice in a captivating duet with frequent collaborator Erica Mancini of Gogol Bordello. Supported by co-producer Jeni Magana (Mitski) and the enchanting violin of Camellia Hartman (Skullcrusher/Conor Oberst), BenBen's music seamlessly weaves intricate arrangements with melodies that engrave themselves into the listener's soul, accompanied by angelic harmonies.

BenBen's music speaks to extroverted introverts, those who dream big but are introverted by nature, and individuals who appear bold but seek sanctuary in quiet moments. With each track, he crafts a unique gem from moments of personal turmoil and tribulation, infusing them with an infectious and ecstatic energy that defines his artistry.

As an artist, BenBen has ventured into the realms of indie-folk with Samantha Crain, collaborated with legends like the Indigo Girls and Brandi Carlile, and explored the world of Swedish psychedelic music with Gustav Ejstes of Dungen. Yet, his solo endeavor stands as a testament to his singular voice, combining cosmic melodies, folk magic, and a meticulous attention to detail.

BenBen's music is a celebration of the extraordinary within the ordinary, reminiscent of Studio Ghibli's enchanting worlds and classic JRPGs. It is a rarefied example of finely crafted outsider art, unconnected to any specific music scene, offering listeners an exceptional and profoundly moving experience.

With 'Sincere Gifts,' BenBen invites you to embark on a sonic odyssey through his unique vision. The album encapsulates a sense of wonder, an exploration of personal magic, and a reach towards greater forces for healing and solace. BenBen's music is a loving ode to the small, overlooked moments in life, reminding us to find beauty even in the most unexpected places.

Experience 'Sincere Gifts' on December 8th, 2023, and let BenBen's musical magic wash over you, providing a sanctuary of beauty and emotion in a world filled with noise.



Release Date: December 8, 2023

Purchase from Official Store or Bandcamp

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