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Stay Tuned: Tobacco City - Hey Dude (TV Theme)

Tobacco City covers the theme to the Nickelodeon classic western TV series 'Hey Dude', about a dude ranch and the quirky adventures of its teenage staff. 📺🎶⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

"I remember coming home from school and watching Hey Dude and thinking “I wish I was a cowboy!” This song turned out to be really fun to record and an absolute ear worm that may be stuck in our heads forever.” - Tobacco City ⁣⁣

Perpetually in humble beginnings, Chicago’s Tobacco City serves up urban country sway for good times and bad. Starting as diner co-workers, Lexi Goddard and Chris Coleslaw began performing Neil Young cover sets and writing their first EP, and in 2021 released their debut full length album Tobacco City, USA (Scissortail Records). The duo’s harmonies provide a bed for their nostalgic, melancholy and often silly lyricism.

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