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Stay Tuned: JPW & Sam Means - The X-Files (TV Theme)

Journey into the unknown with JPW & Sam Means' cover of The X-Files tv theme. The Truth Is Out There. 📺🎶⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

"The X-Files was more than a pop culture phenomenon; for me, it was a window into a strange new world, a spooky vision that played into the things I'd hear late at night on Coast to Coast AM. For our version, we decided to reimagine the song in a spaghetti western/desert baked psychedelia mode. With aliens in the news yet again, we wanted to musically reflect on Mulder and Scully's adventures. The truth is still out there...but trust no one. " - JPW ⁣⁣

JPW is the project name of Jason P. Woodbury, a writer and musician from the Sonoran Desert.Sam Means is one-half of the indie pop band The Format. The duo collaborates daily on WASTOIDS, but this is their first musical project together. Woodbury's latest album, Something Happening/Always Happening, is available now from Fort Lowell Records. Means' latest, I'm Sorry, is available via Hello Records on Bandcamp.

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