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Stay Tuned: Ismay - Pokemon (TV Theme)

Ismay (@ismaymusic) covers the theme to the anime series Pokémon. Theme song also known as "Gotta catch 'em all!". 📺🎶⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

"Hanging out in the basement of my friend's house and her brother pulls out a plastic binder. It's filled with clear pages separated into individual squares perfectly sized for Pokemon Cards. The anticipation as he pulls out the prized one, Charizard. This is what Pokemon is about for me. For me the Pokemon theme song is about what all great stories of childhood are--that with a little bit of magic and friendship, a couple of kids can save the world." - Avery Hellman (Ismay) ⁣⁣

Ismay represents the work of cowbirl artist Avery Hellman, who lives in the Eastern Sierra. Avery grew up in Northern California listening to bluegrass music at their grandfather's festival Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and has spent the last ten years living and working on the family ranch.

Ismay on IG: / ismaymusic

Ismay on Bandcamp:

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