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Stay Tuned: Dust Collector - Inspector Gadget (TV Theme)

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Dust Collector covers the theme to Inspector Gadget, an animated series about a bumbling but well-meaning detective. 📺🎶⁣⁣⁣ ⁣

""My parents didn’t want a TV in the house when I was growing up. They thought it could inhibit creativity and independent thinking. TV was for special occasions like visiting grandparents or slumber parties.One time I got a second degree sunburn all over my upper body on a field trip to a water park in the 4th grade. All I could do was cry in a big green chair for three days and nights. My parents went to the video store and rented a small TV/VCR and a whole pile of video tapes. I think I watched 15 or more movies in three days, but the only movie I can remember watching is Desperately Seeking Susan. I didn’t really know who Madonna was, but I did have an aunt named Susan who also had striking blue eyes. She was married to my uncle Steve, who made a good living editing TV and movies. So, TV can’t be all that bad. Steve worked on some pretty famous shows. None of them were Inspector Gadget, which is one of the shows I remember watching at my grandmas house when my parents were out “honkey tonkin’”, as they put it. The theme song got burned into my bones at an early age. I have suspicions it has a hand in some of the life choices I make today. Whether or not my parents were right about TV, I had a blast getting deep into the nitty-gritty of this music. I learned it was based on another composition, “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, which upon closer inspection, I was already familiar with." - Dust Collector

Dust Collector is a music based project of Jason Cirimele. Since 2003, it keeps taking different forms while trying to prove the same point. He’s rapped, he’s scratched, he’s crooned, he’s mumbled, he’s whined, he’s grumbled, he’s wept, he’s crumbled, he’s thrashed, he’s mathed and will keep doing so, because it’s all he knows to do. When he’s not collecting dust, he’s playing with various bands around the SF Bay Area, or splitting firewood, shirtless in overalls, where he lives in Pescadero. ⁣

Dust Collector on IG: / dustcollectormusic

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