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Stay Tuned: Bill Baird - Silver Spoons (TV Theme)

Season 3 of Perpetual Doom's "Stay Tuned" series continues. Bill Baird covers the theme classic 80's sitcom 'Silver Spoons' about a boy raised by his wealthy father in a lavish mansion filled with extravagant toys. 📺🎶⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

"Silver Spoons was my first exposure to harmonized lead guitars and it made a deep, unshakable impression. I love how quickly it ramps up and how it can explore a whole range of human emotion in less than a minute. I don't remember much about the show except being jealous of the fact that Ricky Schroeder had a pet robot.” - Bill Baird ⁣⁣

Bill Baird is a musician, writer, and amateur naturalist living in San Antonio, TX. Formerly lived in Oakland, Portland, Austin, and on various couches and floors. ⁣

Bill Baird on IG: / blondebill

Bill Baird on Bandcamp:

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