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Alt Country Show Podcast Interview w/ Indianna Hale

Emily chats with Indianna Hale about her new album, Yesterday's Glitter, which is out now on Perpetual Doom.

Indianna's co-producer Jason Cirimele also joins in on the chat and the two discuss their collaboration on this record, as well as their many additional musical projects. Listen Now


Yesterday’s Glitter, a new record from San Francisco’s Indianna Hale features indie rock in the vein of Cate Le Bon, Faye Webster, and Cass McCombs and draws from 1950s torch-pop icons like Patsy Cline, the songs on Yesterday’s Glitter come wrapped in A.M.-era gauze. It's classic Indianna Hale —the perfect fusion of Marty Robbins and Liz Phair you never knew you needed.  

The twelve tracks on Yesterday's Glitter resonate with vintage timbre but they also cut with a twenty-first century urgency. Lead Single “I Can’t Talk To You” lightly teases a lover for being too self centered, while the melodic bass and chimey guitar weave a counterpoint that almost tells a story of its own. “Nothing you can say to a person with a broken heart,” she sings. “Nothing you can hear when the song in your head’s too country.” The album's second single, "Hollow the Words," is sonically peppy and lilting, but finds clouds behind its silver lining. "It was tragically beautiful being with you," Hale sings. She describes the song, inspired by the transience of San Francisco, as "a love song to my friend family." It's emblematic of an album whose rumbling bass and soaring vocals are always pretty, but never simple.

Hale describes recording Yesterday's Glitter as a serendipitous process of "electric collaboration" alongside producer and guitar player Jason Cirimele. "While tracking 'The Tighter the Grip,' Jason said 'You know what this song needs?' To which I replied, 'Fuzz bass chords on the chorus!' He said 'That’s exactly what I was going to say!'" Over the course of three years, the pair brought in friends and bandmates to create the record’s rich sound, including Brian Bethel on bass and Rob Mills (Spooky Mansion) and Cody Rhodes (Geographer, Curls) on drums. On Yesterday’s Glitter, mid-century country pop stylings get fitted with fuzzy guitars and filtered through a curtain of dreamy Casio nostalgia to create an album you’ll have on repeat.

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